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Transform your body! Anyone can transform their body. When the human mind is set to a task with conviction, it can accomplish almost anything! There are people all over the world who have spent up to decades eating bad food and not exercising, either at all or enough. Recognizing one’s flaws is key to turning your life around for the better. When one can be honest with themselves, that’s when the magic happens. We all make bad choices and good choices, The key is to try to reduce the amount of bad choices down to the smallest amount possible. By having a healthy functioning body and mind, you have a much higher chance of achieving this.

Sugar is perhaps the most addictive substance we have in the everyday diet. When one purchases food from consumer outlets, as we all do in this fast paced world, it’s extremely difficult to make the right choices, mostly because around 75% of all products on the shelves are packed full of salt, sugar and fat. We need sugar, but there is a defining difference between the refined sugar that is used to make a product taste good, and to get you to go back and buy it again, and sugar that nature provides naturally. Fruits and vegetables contain sugar and fats that our body’s are, by nature, designed to use as fuel. Refined sugars and fats which are added to products are usable, but they have a negative effect on both the way the body and the mind functions. Refined sugar literally rewires the way your brain works. Many studies have shown that by having a regular intake of cane sugar, your taste buds will react differently, your metabolic rate will be effected, your energy levels are compromised with highs and lows, and during the highs and lows you’re brain is not performing to the best of it’s abilities. Poor choices, bad reactions and and an inability to think well are just some of the side effects that come from having a poor diet. “We are what we eat” it’s an age old saying. It doesn’t have a literal meaning, it has a deeper more logical meaning. If you eat well, your body and mind will function well, thus you will make better choices and be able to react better to problems you may face. When you can react better to problems you face, your life will improve dramatically! Transforming your body is just a good way to motivate yourself. When you stand with better posture due to a more effective skeletal muscle structure, not only will your body machine work better, but you will have a stronger presence around peers and other people you encounter along your journey. You will attract better opportunities and miss out on less positive experiences that all contribute to who you are becoming.

We want to transform your body and mind. We want to teach you the very best methods in doing this and in turn show you how to have a much better life. You don’t have to compete in body building competitions, but we want to show you that nearly anyone can. It’s a mindset that everyone can achieve.

Jo Warburton PT
Age: 48

In 2016 and deeply unhappy with myself, I decided that at 18.5 stone in weight , 46 years old and very very unfit, I needed to do something drastic. I initially lost 7 and a...

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Paula Mclaughlin
Age: 39

Hi my name's Paula I'm a single mum to one boy & i work in pharmacy. I have always attended the gym & been active until i was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a...

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Kizzie Chase
Age: 36

Hi I'm kizzy I'm an ex dancer boxing ring girl and promo model from chester
Fairly new to fitness got into because for a while I was genuinely partying too...

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Simon Fish
Age: 20

Hello I am Simon I have been bodybuilding since the age of 16 and since I started seeing results it’s became an addiction. I have come a long way with...

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