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2019 Q4 bikini competition

BKB by Bikini Mama
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Bikini BKB by Bikini Mama is creating one of the best competition bikinis on UK market since 2016. Bikini Mama - Katarina Kutmanova has been competing herself as a dancer and fitness bikini over 15 years. During this time she gained experience not only as a competitor but also as a stage costumes designer and a bikini maker. She turned her passion for fitness and fashion into successful business.

As a mother herself of a 18 month old daughter, she understands how difficult it is for mums to get back to work or balance work with family. Kat employs only self-supporting mums with a fitness competing background . The entire Bikini BKB team shares the same passion like Bikini Mama. Bikini Mama, as an entrepreneur and founder of Bikini BKB brand, understands that customer service and quality is very important for each girl wearing a Bikini BKB on stage. The competition day is like the big D- day for each competing girl. The entire Bikini BKB team looks after each girl and customer with special care.

BKB Bikinis

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