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Paula Cox's journal entry

Waking up to be 2x WNBB World champion Masters Figure wow wow on cloud nine...
Paula's journal

Rupert Adjan Tackie's journal entry

When you know it's leg day
Rupert's journal

Del Gibson's journal entry

Apologies for going dark over the last few weeks, but I’ve been on bit...
Del's journal

Nadine Holroyd's journal entry

So this happened this day last year. First place in bikini figure with NFMUK. I...
Nadine's journal

Gemma Hallatt-Howard MP Pro's journal entry

Hey hey

Sorry I've been quiet,
We have just got back from an amazing holiday...
Gemma's journal

Fatima Reder's journal entry

Hello 👋🏻
I’m back... I’ve been very quiet recently as had a full immersion...
Fatima's journal

Clare Creed's journal entry

So, with almost 6 weeks to go until Miami Pro, it's leg day for me today,...
Clare's journal

Rosy Benbow's journal entry

So much can you change between shows whilst still in prep?

On the left my @2...
Rosy's journal

Kizzie Chase's journal entry

Shoulders and tricep day ...💪
Kizzie's journal

Andrea Pelone's journal entry

Last training session of the week done 🥳
let the bank holiday week end begins for...
Andrea's journal

Julia Hubbard's journal entry

Quick update!
I took second at the natural universe, im happy that i brought a...
Julia's journal

Aoife Roche's journal entry

It’s been a long road and often times I felt giving up while writing...
Aoife's journal

Jo Warburton PT's journal entry

Keep reminding myself how far I've come, so I'll never go back. Also hoping I...
Jo's journal

Neil Coates's journal entry

Just wanted to jump on and say a massive thank you to everyone who’s...
Neil's journal

Hollie Feeney's journal entry

All about balance,from hectic mayhem of training and prepping clients mixed with the school...
Hollie's journal

Giulia Nuccitelli's journal entry

A great leg workout today with Jacob!
Giulia's journal

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