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You never realise how far you have come sometimes!
I put these images side by side last night and was shocked. On the left is around this time in 2017, I didn’t really have any plans of competing and was mainly training lower body (don’t even think I knew what delts were then!) no coach, no cardio, eating whatever but the main thing at the time I was unhappy. I was miserable in my relationship and was being made to feel like the least attractive women in the world. Sadly I think it showed and I feel like this is one of the only times in my life I lost my sparkle and zest for life.
Fast forward to the right and my last show, I think my best look to date. Physically yes I’m insanely different, base shape (mainly bootie) has always been there but my coach really brought out the best in my physique. However this is not the only change, I can honestly say this is the most mentally and emotionally happy time in my life!
Everyday I wake up positive and raring to see what the day will bring, I have the best coach, enjoy the diet and cardio, and I’m surrounded by likeminded friends.
So much has changed in the last two years and how I feel as a person, really feel like I’ve blossomed into the woman I always wanted to be, driven, focused, ambitious, understanding and HAPPY!!! If you ever feel in a dark place, you can make that change. You have to decide what you want in life and go for it! 💪🏻 Never let anyone or anything dull your sparkle! 💥

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