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It’s been a while since posted to my journal guys but the truth is when your few weeks out deep in prep which fast forward now in my peek week it’s bloody hard with full time job as a nurse doing 13hr shifts. So realistic posting on social media comes down to not even having the energy mentally and physically. The body is changing by the day and at a rate of several hours at a time in some instances.. crazy I know .. the outcome is brain fog, hunger insane frequent urination as you take on excessive amounts of water to manipulate, salt levels get raised and lowered, can’t sleep obsessed with every mirror you pass , mind games looking good not looking good endless hours of posing practice trying to perfect every little hand position muscle flexing all for one day .. show day.. However gotta love the process and reap the results 😘love and appreciate you and your support with the VOTES 🗳 PLEASE CONTINUE

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