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Sooo it's my photoshoot check in day.
Frustratingly no change on the scale and I'm stil the heavy side for me weighing at 144lbs I like to sit at 136lbs ish
So all sent to my coach and see what he says
My waist and hips are smaller and I do feel a little tighter this week.
This is where things are hard, I push like crazy but the scales dont budge which can make me feel so disheartened but that's why it's good to do pictures and measurements and I already look better than last week going by these factors which the scaleas wouldn't have showed me using them alone. I actually hate the scales and would happily throw them away and use pictures, videos and the tape measure as tools.
So if your on your own journey add these weekly tools in to monitor your progress
Have a good day
Gema x

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