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Soooo I have my photoshoot pictures back all 600 of them Haha so now I have to narrow it down, it's going to be tuff but exciting.
Today was family day so we had fun on a 4 mile walk, the weather was beaut and we even got the dog joining in keeping fit followed by buying a homemade scone for when we got back home. It was soooo nice, I've gone back to my food plans 95% I've just allowed the odd meal or treat off plan. Next week I will tighten it back up as I have to work, I have an 8hr photoshoot coming up it's going to be a combi of fitness, yoga on the beach, some indoor lingerie and then back to the beach to shoot in some caves at low tide, how can I even call that work sounds like fun to me. I will see if I can get some behind the scene shots.
Happy weekend gang

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