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Soooo had my nails done ready for my photoshoot.... Tracey has done a mega job, I've attached a pic they are so cute.
I checked in with coach today who is so happy with progress. He says we have dropped a good amount of body fat and gained some good quality muscle tissue in the 6.5 weeks working together. Very exciting, I only wish we had, had longer to prep but family life got in the way and our dog too priority. It was crucial we got him better before I could start prep. Sooooo here we are a few days away from my shoot.
Coach has me on 3 low food days and unfortunately mother nature has took her call and it is ladies time of the month, but hey life goes on and my shoot will still be so much fun even if i am holding a little more water than normal I'm only human and this happens to all us ladies but we carry on ;)
Hopefully the next journal entry will be of me all tanned and glammed!
Take care
Gemma x

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