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Apologies for going dark over the last few weeks, but I’ve been on bit of a downer after picking up an injury. I did initially think that it was nothing more than a bit of Medial Tendonitis, so I eased off the direct training and always wore a padded strap. How wrong was I as the pain and mobility in my arm has just gotten worse. After visiting the Doc, he sent me to have an X-ray and Scan as soon as possible.
An upside is that I’ve been able to focus on some serious leg training, plus a chance focus on my right arm in order to balance them out while I waited for news.
My Doctor outlined 3 possible outcomes, I’ll need an operation to reattach the tendon (really not good), joint cartilage degradation (not good) or minor tears in the tendon (not bad).
Well Tuesday I got the news that there is no need for an operation as the X-ray showed no detachment so no surgery. Then Friday the consultant gives his preliminary report on my ultra-scan stating that he cannot find any damage to the tendons or surrounding muscles of the elbow joint. Now yesterday my Physio works on my arm with a goal of reducing the pain or at least diagnosing the problem. This was initially met with some success from the treatment as I could at least curl and rotate a 10Kg dumbbell with little or no pain, but that was short lived. At the end of the session I left with a strapped elbow, strict orders not to use that arm n plans to return for further treatment.
This is really eating into my training as all of the upper body gains I’d made over the last 4 months are slipping away and that in turn knocks my commitment to continue. It really has been a roller coaster of emotions lately with huge thanks going to Cathy for keeping me sane and that it will heal and to stay focused on the bigger picture .
Further updates or developments to follow when I have them….

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